Microwave Safe

Microwave Safe by Emma Bridgewater Whenever we make any changes to our manufacturing processes, we test our pottery to make sure it’s microwave safe. To qualify as microwave safe, products must: Not leach harmful or toxic chemicals or substances into food Not break, crack, shatter, or become damaged in some way when [...]

Backstamp Archive – Collector’s Resources

Every piece of Emma Bridgewater pottery bears a backstamp, which from 1990 onwards indicates the year in which it was made. We’ve put together a list of common backstamps for you (with more to come soon) – click images to view them larger, and use the filters to see different [...]

How It’s Made in Stoke-on-Trent

At our factory most of the production work is still done by hand, and all of the pieces are individually hand-decorated, so every one is very slightly different.